Friday, July 13, 2007

Mars Clock

If you'd like to know whether I'm up or not and can't be bothered to check the webcam, have a look at the FMars Time Clock. I particularly like that the 24th hour has 99 minutes.

Oddly, my circadian rhythm seem to be naturally on Mars time. On a 24hr day, I always want to stay up just that little bit later, and sleep in that little bit later, than a normal schedule allows. The extra 39 minutes in a Martian sol allows me to do just that, without throwing the whole day off. Kinda neat.


Jason said...

ON Friday the 13th all your blog devotees were horribly injured when the roof collapsed at the San Bernardino Holiday Inn where the first ( and now it looks like the last) Mars Ho!Down convention was being held.
Don't hold your breath waiting for replies about your circadian rhythms.

Kim Binsted said...

Oh, what a tragedy!! That's such a lovely motel.

Lora said...

Hey, where is everybody? Logging on from Stockholm and hope to get some good scoops. Kim, it´s amazing to have so much sunlight. I figure the conditions here are probably somewhat similary to those at the north pole. Sun at midnight is strange.

Tim said...

Stockholm? That is so cool Lora! What's going on in Stockholm?