Friday, May 15, 2009

Humans In Space Symposium

In two weeks, I'm off to the AIAA Humans In Space Symposium in Moscow, where I also hope to observe the MARS-500 100-day pilot study, which is in progress. Then it's back to Montreal, where I will be on sabbatical at the Canadian Space Agency. More on all of these later!


Jen said...

So how was the flight with dog? You missed an epically good weekend weather-wise. I'm burnt to a crisp.

Kim Binsted said...

Hey Jenny. Sorry, I've been posting updates on Facebook. Leia made it just fine, although the trip wasn't without its stresses (shuttle to airport 45 min late, one bag missed the connection in O'Hare, 4 hour delay in Toronto).

btw, I'm not one to comment on fashion, but the Jen-in-the-back-of-my-head hasn't stopped howling "Nooooooo!!!" since I landed in Moscow. It's quite remarkable, and in sharp contrast to the well-dressed parade in the waiting area at my gate in the Montreal airport, which (apparently) deserved spatterings of applause and the occasional "Hotstepper!!".