Sunday, April 29, 2007

Media coverage.

The mission has been getting a lot of coverage in the Canadian press (see the official blog for more), but not so much so far in the US. The Honolulu Advertiser has, oddly but flatteringly, published two separate articles on it, and the Star Bulletin has done one. My hometown paper, the Maple Ridge Times, also came through. Thanks, all - it's nice to know that someone is paying attention!


Sarah said...

You are my coolest friend. And coldest.

Lora said...

You were in this week's MidWeek in the windward section too. I saved it for you -- unless Sita decides to make a chew toy of it first.

hey! do they sell t-shirts on Mars? We should all of Friends of Friends on Mars shirts.

Kristin Van Bodegraven said...

My god as you do or don't believe him or her to exist (or not), you made the Maple Ridge Times. You are truly a media whore. I like it, I like it a lot.

Kim Binsted said...

"Media ho", please.

Here's an excellent Mars shirt: