Monday, April 30, 2007

My bags have arrived!! I am a happy person! I haven't yet checked to see if anything's broken - I don't want to spoil the wonderfulness of having my stuff. They came in the nick of time, too - we're leaving bright and early tomorrow for our home for the summer: Devon Island.

A few more pictures from Resolute:

The devastatingly cute husky puppies, Big Red and Sunshine.

A polar bear print, near Resolute.


Aaron said...

Wooohooooo!! That's great Kim. Have a wonderful time.

Kim Binsted said...

Thanks Aaron!!

I really appreciate the comments, too - makes me feel loved!

Jen said...

Excellent. Now you won't freeze to death with stinky underpants on.

Speaking of stinky, I'll be staying at the luxurious Kona Seaside this weekend! Chrissy and I are participating in our budget girls getaway, using miles for our airfare, two free day coupons for our rental car, and a $69 per night hotel in Kona!

Sadly, it will still be more luxurious than the tuna can.

Sam Joseph said...

go Kim!!!!!!

Sarah said...
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Brian said...

Hi Kim!

I just got finished attending your talk at CHI; it was great to hear all you have planned, and I can't wait to see what the future brings. From the description of your preparations, I also pity any poor polar bear that gets it into its furry head to mess with FMARS. ;)

Be safe out there; no matter what sort of media attention this gets, you may be certain there are and will be people very interested in the science you're doing (and being).

Lora said...

Hey,you are loved and missed too!
Loki's looking strong and seems pretty happy with his temporary pad at Bonnie's.
I got my first sighting of Leia (aka Princess or Bunny) this morning and she was trotting right along on her morning stroll, looking great.
Can't wait for more news!

Kristin Van Bodegraven said...

I'm glad your clothes came, but sorry you misesd the kangaroo jerkey. Ah, well, now you have something to look forward to coming home to!

Jen said...

Please advise if kangaroo jerky needs any special storage and handling. It is currently sitting in a box in our guest room.

Kim Binsted said...

Finally, we have high speed internet!! We're having a bit of an internet frenzy, since once we go into sim, we'll have to give it up again.

Glad to hear Leia and Loki are doing well, and that the murderous mallards are being punished appropriately!

Sarah said...

Big Red the husky puppy? You're kidding.

Kim Binsted said...

Absolutely not kidding. He showed embarrassing levels of interest in my girlie bits, but I imagine that's because, at that point, I'd been wearing the same underwear for three days. I speak here of the puppy,not his namesake.