Monday, February 26, 2007

I've got nothing against freeze-dried food as such. What I hate is freeze-dried meals. Give a gal freeze-dried teriyaki chicken and rice, and she'll eat for a day; give a gal the freeze-dried ingredients for teriyaki chicken and rice, and she'll make something much nicer.

So, I'm getting a dehydrator. And a cheese-making set. Any other recommendations?

Check out the military version. You know you're a tough ass when M&Ms are the gastronomical highlight of your week. Oh, and chicken stew shouldn't be rectangular. I'm just saying.


tellulah said...

Hey Kimmy,
There's nothing wrong with M&Ms as the highlight of one's week. I know you use guns now (and as your former university roommate that gives me chills), but step down girlfriend!

Linus Paul said...

For additional salt in the wound, we went to 12th Avenue Grill last night. BR has a LAMB PORTERHOUSE (yes, LAMB porterhouse) with fig and mint chutney. I had cinnamon braised short ribs with horseradish mashed.

It was to die for.

P.S. Linus Paul likes horseradish!

Kim Binsted said...

Hey, I'm back soon. Let's make a reservation. Sounds delicious.

Linus Paul said...

Aren't you off again, cruising the island with your mom?

I once got someone a yogurt maker. It was a big hit, and you could make Indian food.

P.S. Sarah came into work with me and is presently wandering the streets of downtown Honolulu. Somehow I think she'll be OK after all those years in NYC.

Kristin Van Bodegraven said...

I don't really have a problem with the rectangular chicken stew. It adds a certain symmetry that I find oddly comforting. You can count on it, you know?

Kim Binsted said...

The cheese-making set actually includes stuff for making yogurt, sour cream, marscapone etc. We'll play with it when I get back.

Yeah, I'll be gone for another week. But after *that*, I could do with a lamb porterhouse. That reminds me... see my next post.