Thursday, February 22, 2007

So far, our training has been more redneck than red planet. Guns, ATVs, starting big fires (then putting them out, mind), general survival know-how... still, it'll all serve us well in the Arctic.

This evening, we sat down with a few bottles of Polygamy Porter to review video of our firearms training. It probably wasn't a coincidence that the accompanying playlist included the Dixie Chicks' song that starts "Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition", as well as "America, Fuck Yeah!" from Team America. You can probably guess the tone of the event.

Oh, and we've decided to name the ATVs, or "unpressurized rovers" as they will be called when we're in simulation, our "Sim Wagons". Thanks, Chicks!


Linus Paul said...

I went to their fansite and posted a link to your blog. You never know.

Do you want me to recap "Lost" for you?

Kim Binsted said...

No, no recap! Just keep it all on your DVR...