Friday, June 29, 2007

House/pet sitting in Hawaii??

I'm in sudden and urgent need of someone to house and dog sit for me, in Hawaii, from July 6th. Please let me know if you're interested!


Jen said...

Please join us in welcoming our newest addition, Corky. He is a small Muscovy duck we bought from the scary pet shop as a companion animal for Camille. She seemed sad on her own, and had taken to snuggling up with one of our feathered wine cozies. Luckily, it was the green cozy that Chrissy ruined, so it wasn't that big a deal, just sad.

So far, so good.

Corky, well, we suspect he might be "specially abled," so we named him after that one retarded TV character.

We will keep you appraised.

Sarah said...

Welcome Corky. As a specially abled critter, you will find a community of understanding, acceptance and warmth at KBC. You lucky duck.

Lora said...

Balloons! Balloons over Kim's head! This MUST be in celebration of your stunning hair cut, yes?

It doesn't look so horrible, toiling away under balloons. Er, is it, Kim? Are they perhaps ominously hanging there, rather, doomed to drop and release some kind of gas unless your computer work is successful?

Sorry. Slow day at work.

Corky, I'll drop by and welcome you to the 'hood.

Kim Binsted said...

The balloons are for Canada Day and Kathy's 1/2 birthday (yep, she's a New Year's baby). Her treat was a chocolate fondue, made from toblerone and sweetened condensed milk, into which we dipped drained canned fruit. Yummy.

That said, the balloons may be filled with poisoned gas, too. The alternatives are not mutually exclusive.

Sarah said...

How come we can't ever see you guys exercising on the webcams?

Kim Binsted said...

Cuz the exercise gear is downstairs, where there aren't any webcams.