Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Polar bear prints. 'nuff said.


Evgenya said...

wow! those are some big prints!

What happened to all the mud?

p.s. congratulations on the house! (and guess who our new landlord is... Tina, the piper from your last Robbie Burns Night. small world.)

Kim Binsted said...

Oh, the mud's still there. Anywhere there isn't snow, there is mud. Mud, snow; snow, mud. I'm off to wallow in it tomorrow morning.

Where's your new place?

Lora said...

Evgenya, Tina is the outgoing president of my Rotary club. Small world. Hope the new pad works out!

Jen said...


Augustus, Violet and Veruca had their botulism vaccine yesterday, and as of today, are free from the pen. Unfortunately, they love the pen and are flinging their beaks around trying to get back in.

Lenny, the last survivor of the original 10 ducks, just hatched 14 adorable new babies. As of right now, they are about 7 hours old and are swimming merrily in the stream with Mom.

Evgenya said...

Kim, the new place is near Punahou, on Dominis. We're leaving the gorgeous lush back of manoa valley but our little hovel of a cottage is falling apart and our current landlord really needs to fix it up. Plus, Reuben is really ready for his own bedroom, or more precisely, we're really ready for Reuben to have his own room.

and yes, Lora, Tina mentioned that you two were in the same Rotary. Honolulu is the biggest small town i've ever lived in.

Jen, we missed you last week! coming to town anytime soon? drop us a line. hellos to BR (and the new generation of ducks.)

Kim Binsted said...

Hola, new ducks!

Do you think you're accidentally breeding a new breed of superducks, who can survive anything that KBC can throw at them?

Evgenya, I'm so sad you've left your beautiful place, but hey. Reuben needs his space, and I need you to be able to drop everything and socialize at a moment's notice - so it's all good.

Lora said...

Evgenya, I can understand why energetic Reuben would need his own space. Good luck with that!

Heck, I grew up in a small town and you're right, this is even smaller!