Monday, June 11, 2007

News from the North

Since you asked... my efforts to buy a house while living at the North Pole have taken a step forward. My offer was accepted! There are still a lot of hoops to jump through (or rather, for Jen to jump through in my stead), but it's progress. It also looks like Paul, one of the advance engineering team who made the hab livable before we arrived, might help me fix up my new place, when he stops in Hawaii for a couple of weeks en route to Antarctica. Yep, he's going to both poles in one year. Nutjob.

Exciting food this week: thai 'chicken' curry with pumpkin and coconut milk, maple syrup snow taffy, and an omelet made entirely of dried or powdered ingredients, including the eggs, butter and cheese. Just add water! The only problem was that the bottom was cooked long before the top, and the oven wasn't behaving, so I finished it off with the blowtorch:

Finally, the ongoing thaw means that some of our drilling sites are becoming pretty damn muddy. For the record, mud and spacesuits don't play well together:


Jason said...

It's not just any one who can look good in both orange and a spacesuit, you rock them both my friend!

Kim Binsted said...

Why, thank you, BR! I've tried to train the crew in Jen's favorite posing-for-photos strategy, but they're skeptical.

Lora said...

Soooo glad you're staying at KBC. Any mud wrestling planned at the hab?

Sarah said...

Very good news. Was worried that I'd have nowhere to live and Ben would never fall in love with me. Your new house is my happily ever after.

Jen said...

Fools! My posing-for-photos strategy is pure gold. Now they'll never get the cover of Maxim.

Tell them that for me.

Kim Binsted said...

Jen, they are told. I'd just like to point out that Kathy followed your rules in the cast photos for the thriller set-up, and looks fab, in a machine-who-can't-say-no kind of way.