Thursday, June 28, 2007

Life is just like hair...

...nasty, reddish and short.

Way back in March at MDRS, Kathy enthusiastically volunteered to cut my hair this summer. I said it wouldn't happen until the words "Get this f******* thing off my head" passed my lips.

Well, that day came today.



OK, the first picture is cuter, but that's my attitude, not Kathy's handiwork. Thanks, Kathy!


tellulah said...

And to think you laughed when I said that all those years ago...

Jen said...

You are looking thin, my friend.

In the first picture, it looks like your hair is actually trying to flee. It's awesome.

Kim Binsted said...

Deb - welcome! I'm glad my blog decided to let you post. Right now life is nasty, reddish and short. [Ooh, I like that. I'm going to edit it into my blog as if I had thought of it yesterday.]

Jen, I have lost a measly five pounds, but I'm getting there. I hate my hair, and I think the feeling is mutual.