Thursday, August 09, 2007

And then there was one

Twice a day, we do the "sked", a radio check-in with the Polar Continental Shelf Project back in Resolute. They keep track of all the science teams in the field in this part of Nunavut, and send in the cavalry if anything goes wrong. When we first got here, it was just us and a team way out on the ice cap at the east end of Devon. For most of May and June, we got the personal attention of the Polar Shelf guy, at least for the time it took to say "read you five by five, weather's fine, no traffic". Then, in July, at the peak of the field season, the sked exploded from an intimate affair into a mass conference call, with more than fifteen camps calling in to schedule flights, discuss problems, and announce polar bear visits. OK, the camps were spread out over thousands of miles of the Arctic, but it still felt a bit crowded.

Now, we're back down to five, and one of those is finishing its pullout tomorrow. If we're not the last in the field, we'll be close (damn you, ice cap guys!). Although no snow has settled yet, there's a reasonable chance that they will have to put the skis back on the Twin Otters for our pullout flights. Winter is coming, the sked is getting quiet, and soon Devon will reclaim its title as the world's largest uninhabited island.


Lora said...

Hey, if this thread becomes nearly as interesting as the most recent one, I'm hooked. Kim, I think you'll need to have a blog for us forever.

God is not filing and he is not helping Tim. He is flattening the tires on my annoying colleague's car as we speak. I told him to.

Tim said...

While you have God on the line, please order me a pizza. Pepperoni and extra cheese. I haven't eaten in days and my teeth are turning black.

Jen said...

Hello Kimmy!

Thought I would taunt you. We just went to Haleiwa Joe's for Happy Hour - martinis! Sizzling mushrooms!

Then we went by the clubhouse to drop some stuff off, and Kenny was in there frying bacon!

Good Friday on this side of the world.


Kristin Van Bodegraven said...

Further taunting - the Pacifc Club (with their new very good chef) and James Bond martinis, foie gras, crab cakes and Eagles Nest Pinot Grigio. Outstanding. I'm thinking Nobu for Sunday night.

Kenny and bacon. What an image. Thanks, Jen!

Kim Binsted said...

Damn you both, and see you at the party tonight. By the way, it has been officially declared an "Education and Public Outreach Event", so I'll be able to join you via Skype. However, you must learn something. Robert & Evegenya, if you're reading this, you'll have to talk astronomy at them until they form a horde and throw you in the stream.

Kristin Van Bodegraven said...

Astronomy is missing the G.

Tim said...

Kim, can you see the Perseids meteor shower from Devon?

Kim Binsted said...

We could if it ever got dark. Ditto the northern lights.

Kristin Van Bodegraven said...

I once saw the Virgin Mary in the Northern Lights. But then again it was dark, so I guess it could have been anybody.

Tim said...

Just to take things further off the topic, here's an interesting new Web site:
A Dating Space Where Gray Matters

The home page shows someone in space. You can tell because they are wrapped in tin foil and holding a blue balloon, like all astronauts do. And it seems all love-seeking geeks are wild about sudoku. The first question in the site's FAQ: "Am I a geek?"

Discussion please. Don't hold back.

Kristin Van Bodegraven said...

The first answer: Yes, Tim, you are a geek.

Jen said...

Peachy link, Timm-O!

My initial thoughts:

1. Sweetongeeks asks: Does anyone want to Date this Geek?

James~ Co-Founder in charge of Creative Marketing and Caffeine Consumption

I would like to date him, but I can't. Therefore, I'm signing up as Kim and starting up an eromance.

2. Please note that in the "Geek Links" section the SECOND link is "Cloak and Dagger Creations," featuring medivial attire and "Wedding Wear." Do yourself a favor, click on the link and go to ready to wear gowns. The "Gowns" cost $100+ and look like they were made by me and Big Red with nothing but a roll of cotton, a BeDazzler, and countless bottles of wine.

3. If things don't work out with James, "Kim" might just have to email "Leo." Who wouldn't be tempted?

The full headline should read motorcycle riding alpha male computer geek seeks intelligent (mandatory), technology friendly (optional) female companion for mutual comfort and friendship, with benefits if mutually agreeable. Possible long term relationship once divorce is finalized.

Jen said...

P.S. Leo looks like a toad.

Tim said...

If getting drunk and watching
The Dark Crystal makes me a geek, well then I don't want to be cool.

Fizzgig rules!

Kim Binsted said...

Wow. I did a "free search", without specifying my gender, and all the profiles that came up were for guys, save one dyke. I'm fairly sure I don't want to be the first straight woman to venture into these murky waters.