Friday, August 03, 2007

Welcome back, Winter

Believe it or not, mid-July was actually pretty warm here, peaking at about 18 degrees Celsius outside, and downright muggy in the hab. It has also been sunny and dry for weeks. Then, a couple of days ago, we woke up to a heavy wall of fog and a chill in the air. This morning, the snow started. None of it stuck, but it definitely feels like we're through the summer and sliding back into winter. There are still a few patches of white here and there, and I'm rooting for them to make it to the first real fall of new snow.

In cuter news, we had an outreach event with the Iqaluit Science Summer Camp a couple of days ago. We gave a presentation online, then video-chatted with the kids using Skype. Then, they had a space suit fashion show (image from the Nunatsiaq News):

How adorable is that??


Lora said...

Yes, that is damn cute.

Jen said...

You are both freaks. That is a bunch of kids in cardboard boxes.

It makes me think of the homeless.

Kim Binsted said...

I love the way the kids in the front row have neatly cut holes covered with saran wrap for their facemasks, but there's a kid in the second row with no visible hole and tape all over the place. Creativity trumps functionality!

Sarah said...

Tomato, tomahto. Creativity, FAS.

Kristin Van Bodegraven said...

Alright, I'll say it. Danger Will Robinson! Danger Will Robinson!