Monday, August 27, 2007

Some things I didn't need to spend four months in simulation in the Arctic to learn:

1. Indoor flush toilets are amongst the peak achievements of civilization.
2. Butter is delicious, as are fresh vegetables and nicely-cooked meat.
3. A comfortable bed in a dark, quiet, private room is more conducive to a good night's sleep than half of a hard bunk in a tiny hab without any soundproofing in 24-hour sunlight.
4. A change of scenery and company is nice every once in a while.
5. A long hot shower is an extraordinarily pleasant thing.

Something I did learn:

With sufficient motivation, training and luck, a crew can do without all of the above and do just fine, thank you very much.

Not that that first shower wasn't pretty amazing. We were using 10L of water per person per day at the hab (including cooking, cleaning, and drinking water), and I must have poured a crew-week's worth of water over my head (30min shower at 10L/min = 300L, so not far off). Worth every drop.

In Resolute now and heading south tomorrow - home soon!


Jason said...

Hurray Kim, Hurray long hot showers.
I know you guys must be super glad to be back "on earth" but you've also got to feel great about what you've just accomplished, it was an amazing feat.
Really looking forward to having you back home , it seems like it's been years. Can't wait to see you.
Aloha Oe, Peace and Poi,

Lora said...

Me too! Happy you're coming home, that is, and really proud of you for what you've accomplished. One thing I've been impressed with (among many) is your really positive attitude during all this.
Once your luggage arrived at the beginning that is. Lokie's been roaming the 'hood lately and is a little less inclined to come up for a greeting. Good timing on coming home.

kveneklasen said...

Yay, Kim!! Big applause and many congratulations. So glad you've made it to the other side. I have to say, this has just about been the longest four months of MY life, following your adventure! It's mind boggling to imagine what you've just accomplished. You're going to have to work hard to top this adventure next summer, missy. (Or just come and hang out with us at the lake in CA, you've earned it!) --Although you make me feel like a bit of a badass, reading your "upgrade so you didn't have to sit next to a screaming baby" comment. We may not have faced TVP in a tin can with strangers, but we've just survived 6 months (as of today!) of screaming, pooping and puking. And have a Space Weasels-wearing half birthday picture to prove it. Yay! Champagne for everyone!!

Kim Binsted said...

Karyn - send pictures!!!

BR & Lora - see you by the pool on Sunday??