Sunday, May 06, 2007

First injury on Mars! And yes, it was mine.

So, we love the breadmaker. Twice-daily fresh bread goes a long way towards compensating for our culinary deprivations. The only problem is, it is a breadmaker with a one track mind, and if it gets derailed by, say, a power down so that we can change the oil in the generator, we end up with a ball of dough and no oven to cook it in. I've made pan bread with this dough in the past, but today, I decided to try to turn raisin bread dough into jam rolls.

It was all going very well - I had rolled out the dough, spread it with jam, rolled it, cut it, put it in the pan and let it rise again. Problem is, the pan is a plug-in electric skillet, which isn't really ideal for this kind of thing. I did my best, but the bottom of the buns still ended up getting burnt. The tops still tasted fine, so I took a sharp knife and set about cutting of the burnt bits.

And cut off a bit of my finger instead. Sigh.

OK, I'll do my best to stop obsessing about food now. Next topic: toilets!


Kristin Van Bodegraven said...

Ach, Kim! Does that seventy five year old cancer survivor who just made it to the north pole have to jump in there and rescue you? (If so, you'll get some smokin good soul food out of the deal, so I'd say "yes" if I were you). I'd rewrite this blog to include an avalanche and a bus load of school children.

Kim Binsted said...

Yes!! Hm, smokin' good soul food...I think it might be pseudo jambalaya tonight!