Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Mars ho ho ho

According to a comment from my sister-in-law, Gill, my niece Mila has concerns:

"Mila is still wanting more explanation on the Santa angle. She gets that you're not really in space, just pretending, but can't comprehend why you would be so close to Santa and not at least have gone to see him (or his reindeer, or elves..)."

I can't confirm or deny the identity of the people in the photo below, but they certainly look like Santa and one of his elves. They're not in their traditional Christmas outfits, and the beard is a bit too brown (Maybe Santa's fur changes color, like an arctic hare's does), but the similarity is striking:

Gill, if Mila asks about the rifle, you might want to make something up. She's a little young to find out where all those stuffed animals come from...

[Note: the above is a pre-sim image, from a week or so ago.]


Lora said...

I would totally want an auntie like you. That was pretty good, Kim.

And like everyone else, ACK!

Lora said...

And, speaking of blogs, where the @#$%&*(^ have you been, Miss Kristin? Seems I can only find you on this blog and you're not minding your own???? Humph!!!!!

Jen said...

Since you have a line to Santa, can you request an Arctic Hare for me?

They are excellent looking. Do you have a pet one on Fake Mars? You could name it Scarlett O'Hare!

Kim Binsted said...

Aren't they fabby? We haven't seen one in the wild yet, but we have seen footprints that are vaguely the right shape. I'll let Santa know that you want one. Stuffed or au naturale?

Tim said...

Santa, I want a hare too! And some wine, shallots and bacon to cook it with! .... I mean, to feed to it ...

Jen said...

What if the afterlife is run by Arctic Hares, Timothy Ruel? Who will be crying then?

P.S. Linus Paul can now say "Cracker." I'm hoping some white boy will stop by so it will be an insult rather than an endless request for snacks.

Tim said...

Oh geez, what are they going to do me? Thump me to death?

PS: I aced my classes! Let's get some hare and celebrate!

Sarah said...

News here - the book is in to my agent for editing, which means I have nothing to do for the first time in 2 years. Went to London for the weekend, on a press trip, first class, very swank. Came home and accidentally got myself a job for the summer editing a luxury lifestyle magazine for rich people (a one-off special edition for those who make $500k)...should have some good perks. AND I landed myself a scholarship from the government of Italy for language study in Sicily. Now that I'm a very important editor, I'm hoping to find some publicist who wants to fly me there to test drive a spa or two. It's been a good week. So let Mila know that there is a Santa and he lives in New York, blessing poor writers with undeserved goodies.

Kim Binsted said...

Sarah, you rock!! All these riches are completely deserved.

Tim, you also rock!! Have nice glass of wine for me.

Linus Paul, you rock as always!! "Cracker" is a great word. The crew salutes you with a box of Premium Plus.

I'm sure everyone else rocks, too, but I need details before you get the shout-out.

Jen said...

I've had some wine, so this might be borderline coherent but breaking news:

1. Your Russian was runner-up. The transvestite Puerto Rican is America's Next Top Model.

2. The name of my boss's dentist is PIERRE PANG. Is that not the greatest name in the history of names?

3. I've named the baby ducks. See if you can pick the theme:

Sarah, amazing news. The ducks, Dr. Pierre Pang, Jaslene, America's Next Top Model, and I salute you!

Kristin Van Bodegraven said...

Jen, you rock! for honoring my favorite movie of all time. I salute you.

Kim Binsted said...

What an odd coincidence! They're also characters in one of my favorite books. I guess the names are more common that one might think.

Kristin, thank you for the Kane'ohe map puzzle, with KBC smack in the middle!! We did it in a bit of a frenzy late last night. The place names and uniquely Hawaiian features threw the crew a bit ("I have a 'fishpond'. How many of those could there be?"), but we got it done. Cool!

Tim said...

Walter rocks and so does his play! Chrissy and I saw it last night and it was very funny. If you're not on Mars this month, I recommend seeing it.

Walter said...


thank you for coming to see the play, I hope to catch it sometime........


Santa proof this is the ultimate goal of astrobology is it not.....

I am happy to see you are back on your Blog!

Lora said...

This is the hub for all the news I can see!
Yes, good to see Kristin back on her blog and busy.

I still don't know where the names of the baby ducks came from - could somebody clue me in please?

Sarah!Wow! When you need someone to carry your luggage, please put me on the list ok?

Walter's play is the BEST! It's terribly funny and I hope they tape it or something so I can watch it again.

Tim, stay away from all hares that move. You're frightening me. Congrats on acing your classes! There's no time I'm not up for a celebration!!! Whoo hoo! And another Whoo hoo for Sarah!!!

Kristin, I sent you a card with some prezzies to your snail mail. Did you get it?

Ok, I'm not watching the same show as Jen et al. I've been watching The Bachelor, and am totally rooting for Tessa. Bevin bugs me.

Good to hear all the good news!