Thursday, May 10, 2007

My new favorite TLA: TVP, for "Textured Vegetable Protein". There is a lot of debate about what foods are sim-kosher (Are canned foods too heavy? Would we be able to bring tilapia, chickens or even miniature goats? etc.), but TVP is as sim as sim gets. It's basically dry processed soy which, when cooked in water, turns into something vaguely meatish, kind of like a cross between shredded wheat and dog food. Today I tackled TVP for the first time, and the crew said the results were not quite as bad as expected.

TVP Curry (serves 7)
4 tbsp duck fat (vegetarians should use something less gorgeously yummy)
1 onion, chopped (this was one of the last of our fresh onions, but I think dried would work almost as well)
2 c beef flavored TVP
1 tbsp beef Bovril
1 c dried broccoli
2 cans whole baby carrots
2 cans mixed vegetables (big chunks if possible)
3 tbsp green curry paste
1/2 c dried coconut
1 can chili (this was leftovers, you could also just add some beans and tomato paste)

Prep the dry stuff: mix the dry ingredients (TVP, broccoli, and coconut) separately with equal amounts of water, and nuke each for five minutes. Meanwhile, saute the onions in the duck fat until translucent. Add the green curry paste and saute for a minute more. Add everything else. Cook until the flavors have blended. Serve with rice, salad and a nice rare steak.


Ryan said...

It was so good! The perfect amount of space! I mean spice! Exclamation!

Kristin Van Bodegraven said...


Jen said...

That looks incredibly foul. We just got back from dinner at Spices and Walter's play.

Mmmmm, pad thai and mossaman curry. And the play was actually cute! It had a gorilla suit as a central plot device, so that is hard to beat.

Kim Binsted said...

It actually wasn't as bad as it looks.

I was about to blame the evilness of the photo on the fact that I mixed the last of the couscous in before taking the picture, but now that I think of it, it looked just as bad, if not worse, before.

Basically it tastes of green curry spice, duck fat, and random veggie. The texture was on the gloppy side, but hey. Now, if only someone would give me a miniature goat to work with, we'd have food...

Jen: In theatre, how does a gorilla suit compare with a dancing monkey?

Nicky said...

That looks absolutely disgusting! I was obviously under the false impression, Kim, that you were a good cook!

Kim Binsted said...

I clearly need some crew testimonials.

Jen said...

I would rather sit through "Cabaret" starring you, my father and the Teletubbies than ever see another "Monkey" kabuki again. Or any kabuki.

Plus, the gorilla suit was in this play for an ENTIRE act. They actually dressed a drunk, unconscious man in it onstage! And then hung him on a chandelier! It was awesome, and now that Walter has that skill set, I have some plans for how your welcome home party may end.

Now I need a stiff drink. I came home to a Linus-free cage on the lanai. Luckily, he only made it as far as a Makani Kai and started shrieking like a banshee when I start to look for him in a blind panic. I did have to brave the stream both ways, but he's home. Freaked out, but home.

Kim Binsted said...

Linus, dude! What are you doing, you foolish young parrot?? Don't go breaking your momma's heart!

Jen - maybe some wing clipping might be in order? I mean, he's not even old enough to drive yet...

Jen said...

I'm on the wing clipping this weekend. He is a clever and devious escape artist from his cage, though. He completely removed a screw.

At any rate, the trauma has spurred new vocabulary "I Love You."


Anonymous said...

Hi Kim - that dish looks like it might be good when poured over a buttery mound of mash potatoes. Do you have powdered mash potatoes in your FMARS food stock and if so, how much? Where can I get more information about the food you're all eating... is there some online database of your daily menu etc?

I'd love to know, thanks.


Kim Binsted said...

Hey Greg,

No, there's no database, but I'll give you the highlights here. I could give you a list of the stuff we bought if you're very interested.

Carbs are easy - we have loads of carbs, including vast quantities of instant mashed potatoes, mountains of pasta, etc. We also have lots of flour and a breadmaker, which is a wonderful thing.

Fruits and veggies aren't too difficult, but obviously there's a big jump in quality and flexibility from fresh.

Proteins are tricky - at least, yummy proteins are. We have lots of dried beans, and various forms of TVP ('beef' and 'taco' so far, 'chicken' on the mid-summer supply flight). There's some preserved real meat (in particular, some nice salamis), but since there's some debate about how sim meat is, we don't have much. We also have lots of powdered milk, which can be turned into a range of dairy products, including mozzarella, yogurt and sour cream.

Of course, there are lots of snacks (e.g. popcorn) and drinks (e.g. Gatorade, tea), including some fine Kona coffee which is making me very happy as I type this.

Although I'm a firm believer in making things from scratch as much as possible, we also have a bunch of meals-in-bags, for busy days, emergencies, and lame-asses on cooking duty.

Today I think it'll be crockpot TVP shepherd's pie. Fingers crossed.

Melissa said...

Just a quick testimonial to how GREAT Kim's cooking is, especially given our sim-food constraints! I know that picture doesn't look particularly appetizing, but trust me... Mmm, mmm, mmm. I went back for seconds.

Google said...

yeah. It looks like you made vomit. It sounds like you put a lot of work into something that looks like puke

Simon said...

Chef Kim's meal are the best I have had so far (on Mars). Two thumbs up! She can really act as a Mars cook! She cooks delights every day for us, I know you are all jaleous...
Thanks Kim,