Thursday, May 24, 2007

A quick tour of the hab

For those of you who aren't webcam stalkers, here's what the hab looks like from the inside:

My room, as decorated by Kathy. Thanks, Kathy! My bed is on the left. Each room is L-shaped, so that your bed is really either the top or bottom half of a bunk. Mine's the top, which is slightly quieter (poor Kathy hears the squeaks and groans of my air mattress every time I roll over), but there is no graceful way to shimmy up the wall.

The kitchen, in all its glory. Note the excellent Aerogardens on top of the cupboard. Recent cooking successes: TVP burgers, 'beef' curry and tabouli, spaghetti and 'meat' balls, pea soup, crockpot chocolate pudding cake, and coconut/oatmeal/chocolate-chip cookies.

The lettuce is almost ready for harvest!

The view from the kitchen, back across the upstairs work area. The staterooms are on the left. Matt and Ryan are hard at work, posing.

We also have a full shelf of sprouts going (mung beans on the left, broccoli sprouts in the middle, and red clover soaking on the right). Anything for fresh veggies.

Heading downladder:

Facing south, downstairs. Mel is having a Zen moment behind the drying socks, doing yoga after her exercise session on the bike. We're subjects in a human factors study which is looking at how regular exercise affects crew psychological well-being, so we're on a pretty strict exercise program.

The EVA prep room, with suits.

The airlock. Before and after each EVA we spend five minutes in here, 'pressurizing' and 'depressurizing'.

The lab area.

En route to the shower and toilet (described, in graphic detail, in an earlier post).


Lora said...

This is so damn interesting, Kim, although my claustrophobic geneology does tingle a bit at some of the spacial effects....

Kim Binsted said...

"spacial effects". Heh. Actually, I think the pictures make it look a bit bigger than it is, since (for example) the kitchen and the workroom are the same room, with the pictures taken from opposite ends...

Lora said...

btw, don't know if i told you that the buyers of your place are friends of friends of ours...Rocky and Darlene know them. Still haven't met them, but that's kinda small worldish!

Jen said...

A Discussion Topic
(in case you are bored/get to know your crewmates!)

Walter and I were having pupus at Brassiere du Vin, which has a notable record of misspelling their daily specials, ie:

Creme of Watercrest soup

Our highly adorable waitress was vexed because the sous chef (also responsible for the watercrest) was insisting on the following spelling of bok choi:

Grilled Hanger Steak with pommes frites on a bed of creamed phok choi

I've asked seven widely traveled people and no one has ever seen this particular spelling before.

Perhaps one of your crewmates?

P.S. Their pommes frite are spectacular. Something to looking forward to upon your return.

Kristin Van Bodegraven said...

Let's see...bok choi, aka:

bak choy
baak choi
bak choi
baak choi
phak choi
phakkaat farang
paak tsai
Chinese white mustard cabbage
pok choi

...and numerous other variations on the theme. Neither the Cambridge World History of Food, nor the Webster's Dictionary of Culinary Arts, nor the Gastronomy Students from Singapore, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, however, can confirm the spelling "phok choi."

Gillian said...

hey kim, we're back from the land of the sick...

mila seems to be done with santa questions for now, and has equated your antics with those of lunar jim (see ), a not bad cartoon we get on CBC. Silly but not stupid, and thus quite appropriate :-). today's episode was about the antics of their space chicken and space dog, who, by the way, have their own space suits...

and i've been telling friends here about your mission and they have tons of questions which i will pass along.. the first one is if you have a plan for haircuts during your 4 months.. do you have a designated stylist? or did someone bring a flowbee?

Lora said...

You're on the web cam, finally! You're on the web cam! Hi! Miss you!

Kim Binsted said...

Hey, Lora - did you see my webcam message? Check it out!

Gill, I'm not sure I want to know what a flowbee is. Kathy is enthusiastic about cutting my hair, but she's going to have to wait until I'm at the "for the love of all good things, would someone please remove this thing from my head" stage. Probably a couple of weeks yet.

No one on Mars has heard of phok choi. Some hypothesize that its a kind of noodle you serve with seal.

Jen said...

Aloha to you, Kimmo.

The sous chef with the phok choi/watercrest issue is clearly some sort of freak.

Had dinner with Herr Dr. Professor Henri Casanova at a Cuban restaurant this evening. It was excellent, and Linus Paul is enjoying the leftovers tremendously. They also had a great selection of Cuban cocktails, although I cannot attest to their quality. I had a martini.

Gillian said...

see it's basically a dust buster with a cutting blade attached (suck hair to desired length and chop!).. don't you remember this fad from the 80's?

Kristin Van Bodegraven said...

Now I can see the back of your head. I must say, these webcam images are riveting.

Lora said...

Dang! What message am I looking for on which day on which cam? Didn't notice anything yet unfortunately....