Saturday, May 12, 2007

Sim Day 1

Although we have been working under most of the sim constraints since May 1, today was our first day of full sim. Some of the crew spent last night phoning (on Skype) and chatting with with friends and family (sychronous communications aren't allowed under sim rules); others (including myself) decided it was exactly the wrong time to be thinking about the joys of home, and focussed instead on getting mentally ready for an unusual summer. At 11pm, we went out in what felt like a very cold (-16C) overcast afternoon, to sit on the edge of the crater and feel the air on our skin for the last time in a long while. We passed around a bottle of, um, freeze-resistant distilled water and contemplated the future. Then the sledding and snow-wrestling started.

Having got that out of our systems, we set about sim with gusto this morning. Kathy spent a lot of time setting up her lab, the engineering team tidied the rest of downstairs, and we started to plan out the EVAs. We also had a thorough look at the suits, and found a bit of a mold problem in the packs - nothing that bleach and boiling water can't cure!

I also started some more friendly organisms culturing in the yogotherm, which will hopefully give us some lovely sour cream for tomorrow.

Our crew photo, taken yesterday. Yes, it really was that cold. Guess which one is me!


Kristin Van Bodegraven said...

Kiiimmms Iiinnn Siimmm!!!

You are the one wearing your glasses.

Walter said...


You know generally in Hawaii the trend is to seek an escape to colder climes. But good lord!

I wish you all the happiness possible on Mars and in SiiiiiiiiiiiMMMMMM!!

Good Lord is That a space weasle lurking in the backgound!!


Gillian said...

Looks like us back in about November... no sympathy here - you brought this upon yourself!!

P.S. Mila is still wanting more explanation on the Santa angle. She gets that your not really in space, just pretending, but can't comprehend why you would be so close to Santa and not at least have gone to see him (or his reindeer, or elves..).

Kim Binsted said...

C'mon Kristin. Everyone's wearing glasses. Step up.

Mila, next post's for you.

Kristin Van Bodegraven said...

Hey, give me a break. I can barely see the photo from the bottom of the pit. Besides, I've got $20 that says you *are*, in fact, the one wearing your glasses. Given that I'm the only person brave enough to hazard a guess, I think I deserve a nifty prize.