Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I've been bullied by my crewmates to finally join Facebook. So, now you all need to join, too. 'Cos that's how it works. So off you go.

Go on.

You know you want to.


Nicky said...

My children tell me I am too old to join 'facebook' and anyway according to them I don't have any friends! So you will have to make do with the odd comment and email from me. I don't think that your grandparents are likely to join either or even know what facebook is! They are reading your blog though!

Sarah said...

Seed magazine wants bloggers from Mars. I've been pimping for you. Contact the VP, Ari Wallach, wallach@seedmediagroup - he also might have a hot date for you back on Oahu. Maybe he's even on facebook.

Lora said...

We all have limits, Kim, and I might have just found mine with Facebook.

I'm perfectly content with the blog and email. Are the hab's monitors noting this extreme peer pressure and the results of same???

Facebook. Ack. Maybe, maybe not.

Jen said...

If they try to bully you into doing any other dorky things, threaten them with the TVP curry.

That should take care of it.

In my ongoing quest to find the World's Weirdest Shoppers, observe the gentleman in front of me at Times on Sunday:

1. 14 Marie Callendar frozen dinners(assorted, but mostly salisbury steak and chicken parmsean)
2. 1 jug Early Times whiskey
3. 1 bag Jalapeno Cheetoes
4. Gigantic watermelon

I spotted him in frozen foods taking down the Marie Callendars, and followed him around until he checked out.

The fresh fruit was so out of context - at first I thought he wanted to infuse it and confused the whiskey with vodka, but according to him, he had a Memorial Day BBQ and that was his contribution. His bill was $83.

P.S. My opening line for watermelon information gathering was "That's a big watermelon!" It worked like a charm.

Lora said...

Jen, you sneaky girl, I hope you were wearing your spy ware sunglasses when you stalked (I mean spied) this guy in the grocery store!

Kim Binsted said...

Nicky, *I* am too old for Facebook.

Sarah, I've send Ari an email. He is on Facebook, but doesn't have anything in his profile. Tell me more about this hot date!

Lora, good for you. Vive La Resistance!

Jen, it's oddly reassuring that there are people who eat terrible terrible food even when they have access to the bounty of a modern grocery store.

Sarah said...

I met Ari for about 10 minutes, and read that he was dory enough to know about the Mars expedition and to be impressed with my knowing you. Am terribly pleased with myself that in a cocktail conversation I managed to get you a writing gig and a date.

Sarah said...

sorry - that should read DORKY enough. (i.e. just the kind of person who should be setting you up.)

Kim Binsted said...

I'm not dorky. I'm geeky. Please. Or are you suggesting that dorks make great matchmakers for geeks?

Sarah said...

I think there is not enough distance between a dork and a geek to slip a thin piece of paper through. I think that fundamentally only a geek would try to distinguish herself from a dork. And vice versa.